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Sometimes its good to find High / Low spots on the chart based on PA (Price Action) This High Low Indicator for MT4 will show you just that. You have multiple ways to set it up With this indicator you can select Hourly, 4 Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly High / Low positions. Apr 10,  · Additionally it is just one industry each day in support of once the prior times High/Low tend to be broken(so occasionally they could be damaged the entire 7 days, therefore the reason why We selected Gold). Aug 14,  · High/Low Breakout Scalper. This expert advisor buys when price is above yesterday high and sell when below yesterday low. It closes the order when price reaches target net profit (5 pips) or net loss (-5 pips) or when it's opened for 5 minutes. Parameters and Features: Redefinable breakout pips. Order lifetime = 5 minutes. Time session filter.

Forex Daily High Low prices List (Helpful Tool for traders)

I am here to bring you my very original trading strategy. Please subscribe if you find this interesting or if you would like to see my insights. Also, feel free to ask questions, or post your own ideas regarding this strategy. Before we get started, I just want to give you some information regarding myself and how I came to develop this.

I was a little bummed, but then I found out about the FX Market being 24 hours a day. I was hooked. I have spent all of my free time studying and developing a trading strategy that will fit my needs, comfort level, and money management concerns.

The goal for me, was to allow myself to have a trading strategy that will consistently make a profit. It also had to allow me to trade around my job. I work in the US Military so I needed a way to trade with my very busy schedule. My idea came to me as I was just looking over the daily candles and I noticed something very, very interesting.

Almost every single day, the price will move past the high or the low of the previous candle. Let me insert a picture to explain what I mean. HL breakout explanation. Here is the logic behind this strategy.

If it fails to hit the level, it will either breakout on the other side, Daily high low ea forex, or you will end up with an Intra-Bar setup, Daily high low ea forex. Another psychological explanation behind this is that most traders are seeing the previous high or low being approach, and they add to the fire causing an increase in volume which fuels the breakout. What if price touches the high or low and then retraces against you? Do you know what this is and how amazing this is?!?!?!?!

This means price has never hit the level since in the last day. Also, remember in my picture example? Well, there are two possible answers. Example: Too high means you set a target profit that is generally higher than the average pip range on daily candles, like pips or unlikely to have a breakout that high before a retracement. Example: Is my trade a loss? This is OKAY, you will experience losses my enthusiastic trader! There are two things to remember about losses. Make sure that when you lose, you lose Daily high low ea forex and your wins are big, and make sure that your money management allows you to live to trade another day!

I could tell you, or you could take my word for it. What do I do then? There is hope. You can look at the previous results. Remember, yes the daily candle will breakout on one side of the previous high or low, but you can get stopped out intraday. You enter with a stop of 10 pips, and the price retraces 15 pips, only to then to breakout a whopping 60 pips! You have to look at the previous results to answer all of these questions, never fear.

I will tell you how to do so. People have thought of it and shown their results of it. I hope that my Twist will make this strategy more profitable. He has some great insight on this, and has even confirmed many of my observations and considerations. I will use the previous example as my daily candle. And here, we see the 5 min charts as price approaches the previous high or low for the breakout trade. You can see that a Daily high low ea forex pip stop gives you enough room.

Now if you back test this enough, you can probably develop an average stop loss and target profit and find out your winning average. These gold nuggets are the fact that you can see how often you are stopped out. I can just increase my stop loss. So here is the reason you want to look at price at these levels!

Viewing price as it approaches the previous high and low will allow you to get proof for yourself that this works. It also plays the role in allowing you to back test this strategy in accordance with your own money management rules. For example, Daily high low ea forex. If I set a 6 pip stop, with a target profit of 25 pips, how often will I get stopped out?

How often will my target profit get hit? Overall how many pips would I have made in the last month? How many did I lose? Basically, you are getting the opportunity to back test this system and make it your own with your money management rules. Also, I just gave you some very good insights on daily trading. I have to explain, that I made this strategy because I work from to most days, Daily high low ea forex. In fact, I am actually going to tell you what I use and why I came to that decision.

Also, I am still demoing this strategy because of the irregularity in the market during the holidays. I want to keep demoing it until I am sure of it under normal market conditions. After the market close for my broker, either NY close or London close charts will work, I tally up my High and my low for the day. The next step is my entry order. Target Profit: 25 pips.

I have found thus far in my testing, that any higher will result in retracements before your TP is hit. So using a 10 pip stop with a 2. This brings me to atleast pips a month after the pip spread. Or they have a lot more as their margin so they can have a higher stop loss. To explain what pips means is this. This strategy is tailored to the individual on money management, But my intent is to give the average person the opportunity to make atleast a reasonable amount of money trading just once a day, without the stress of the market weighing down on you, Daily high low ea forex.

How can that happen? There is a neat bonus that occurs with this strategy that can potentially double, triple, or even quadruple pips gained in a trade. Subscribe and stay up to date. This certainly seems like a promising system you have developed awk I hope it goes well and I look forward to seeing Daily high low ea forex results! Thank you, I am doing some manual back testing and am finding loads of information.

I have just found out that my risk is 2. It will give u much better insights and such mechanical system shouldnt be done manually anyways. Could you post the specific details on the next trade you take and the result just as an example? Absolutely, I will be posting it up as soon Daily high low ea forex the day closes. I am finding it might be easier to use NY close charts because they only use 5 day weekly candles.

I think I may just stick with the ny close to avoid that. I believe the monday difficulty can be attributed to the Daily high low ea forex reports that occur over the weekend. It could also be because of the US Jobs report given every fourth friday. I need to get some more information from my back testing.

On a side note, babypips suggests that the worst days to trade on are monday and friday. So friday might be a day to watch and see how much volume and volatility is occurring during the first few hours of the market. Monday will take some time to determine. Thanks all for your input. I will be posting daily charts regarding this strategy, and I will be available during the weekends to discuss improvements and such.

This strategy is probably one of the most studied and worked on strategies in Forex… and you should be aware of this. There are tons of versions out there. I think it can be done, but you have some work ahead. And you are right. I am looking at volatility periods and whether I should be concerned with certain days.

The appropriate stop loss and target profit are my main concern to Daily high low ea forex get in, make my pips, Daily high low ea forex, and end the trade, which is still a working progress.

I have seen lots of approaches to this strategy now, but they all look at it on the daily chart, and have massive stop losses due to intraday movement. Most people are lazy with this strategy. It is a very nice, very simple strategy and pretty much gives you the trade, Daily high low ea forex, but most traders are trying to turn it into an EA so they dont have to do anything.

While I can appreciate that, this is a Daily high low ea forex difficult to turn into an EA because it will take every trade into account. And I live with it.

For example, they are setting the EA to take the trades that meet the criteria.


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Daily high low ea forex


Daily Highs/Lows. Don’t forget bookmark/favorite this Page (Daily Highs / Lows): Hit “ CTRL + D ” on your keyboard. This table shows Lowest and Highest prices in currency trends. (Forex daily high low List) Daily Highs/Lows. Bookmark/Favorite this Page: Hit “CTRL + D” on your keyboard. A dialog box (mini window) will pop up, and suggest a name and folder. Daily High Low Forex Trading Strategy; 20 PIPS DAILY CANDLESTICK BREAKOUT FOREX STRATEGY TRADING RULES. It is advised that you do not trade if the daily candlestick breakout happens during the Asian forex trading session. Why? Because, it usually has low trading volume and lack the the momentum required to accelerate price movement. 21# pips daily Trading System. Submit by JanusTrader. The “ pips Daily- Set & Forget” system is a very easy set. and forget system where you don’t have to watch the market. day and night. It is perfect for beginners and people with. 9am-5pm day jobs. To use .