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Forex flex ea acct4

Forex flex EA is a new Forex robot using a new technology they’re calling virtual trades which will open trades in the background and use them as a way to monitor the current market conditions. The developers believe this is the best way to determine entry points. Flex EA uses a newly developed innovative technology involving "virtual trades".Simply put, Flex will open virtual trades in the background, using them to constantly monitor the market to help determine the absolute perfect entry point, at which point Flex will start opening real trades. No automated system out there can work long-term without consistently updated settings. Aug 08,  · Hi, I am using Flex and recently it has started changing SL and TP on trades from other ea's, as well as not controlling its own trades. I was running V

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Forex Flex EA is an extremely flexible hence the name forex robot capable of many powerful things. It comes pre-loaded with 12 unique strategies that you can switch to within the EA by just a click of the mouse. Some of you might hear the word grid and have concerns, but Flex does things quite different.

Most other grid systems out there open trades Forex flex ea acct4 no specific market conditions required, or use very basic outdated indicators which has always proven to fail. Most of the accounts you see on this page are using the Default strategy on various currency pairs with all kinds of success. As you can see, there is no shortage of real money results with a decent amount of history behind them.

This thing has clearly performed well for quite a while now. Those kind of gains should not be expected to sustain month over month. It will do the rest for you. Not only are there now over 12 built-in strategies to chose from, there is now a private member forum where s of privately optimized. This is where the value of a community really comes through. Ready to go, out of the box settings, Forex flex ea acct4. Simple plug and play. Simply put, Flex will open virtual trades in the background, using them to constantly monitor the market to help determine the absolute perfect entry point, at which point Flex will start opening real trades.

New market monitoring, virtual trade technology brings precision entry points that no indicator can compete with. The default settings will use 6 virtual trades per currency pair to monitor market conditions. Lowering this number will result in less accurate entry points, but higher trading frequency.

Raising this number will do the opposite. Flex EA can be setup to trade just about any trading strategy imaginable. It comes 12 unique built-in trading strategies that you can select with a click of the mouse.

Scalper settings — Scalps small profits during market corrections. Full Grid — Your traditional martingale style trading. Shotgun — Throw paint at the wall and see what sticks, Forex flex ea acct4.

This is a fun strategy but also very risky! Flex EA is certainly something new and refreshing that this automated forex industry has desperately needed for years now. The information provided in this review is only scratching the surface of what Flex has to offer. I will be trying the flexhybrid strategy and come back and give an update.

Anyone else using the new eurusd stoch D scalper that was posted in the forum a few months ago? Please how do i access the new eurusd stoch D scalper? I bought this EA since and not even used it. I am trying to consider using it now. Thank you. The EA system is incredible at making consistent profits long term. Hands down best Ive ever seen. It learns and gets to know the movement of the market and executes trade after trade in glorious precision. Run on demo for at least 2 weeks to go Live.

Well done. I had Forex flex ea acct4 lot of success with progressive flexhybrid early last year, but then took my profit and traveled. I am back looking to do the same, still a viable strat? Yes Progressive Flexhybrid still doing wonders for me, there is also quite a few. I have to say this EA has been a pleasant surprise.

Its also the only EA where the customer support is provided by the developer himself. Been using the progressive flexhybrid set file on the same pairs shown in their myfxbook account. Hello, How is the percentage of profits going?

With this configuration Yours sincerely. How long are the trades usually open? I want to see some live performance? Forex flex ea acct4 can only find myfxbook signals. If yes, what strategy and what settings? Against my principles I used it on real account on loosing trades.

With V4. When TP is hit it opens another one. However, your initial basket in that time is still collecting DD. In addition if the market turns and moves against your hedge, there you will add additional DD depending on lot multiplier for hedge. In V4. Thanks GP. Can anyone help? Running this EA for several weeks now and all goes well except that I have to figure out some way to prevent stop loss by major events like the GBP flash crash from last week.

Also occasionally stop loss is hit due to trending. I use demo accounts of or USD with 0. One other problem is in the updates of flex. I got warnings from MT4 when v3. Will the open trades be taken over by Flex 4. In general there are 2 situations when those extreme movements can happen, Forex flex ea acct4. In addition it can be in a way planed such as a Economic news calendar events b unplaned — by market.

But keep in mind that sometimes even on medium impact news huge movements may occur or speeches may take some more minutes and then take effect on market. In V4 there Forex flex ea acct4 next to the news filter much more filters to protect as much as possible.

But that would affect every time a news event occurs. But this only means all charts where flex is working on with the same magic number — keep that in mind if you user other EA as well. If you use it, flex stops adding more trades to the basket in the loosing direction.

In total I would wish some more flexible exit conditions in flex. As this product is actively developed, I hope we see something like this in the future. I check from time to time the web side. The trick to not having to setup the charts on each update is to rename the ex4 file. I cut the version off and simply overwrite it on each update. Finally as long as your magic number Forex flex ea acct4 not change, flex will trade your open trades. Just be careful that the new parameters are set correctly.

If you want to save you custom settings, save the settings in a set file and merge it afterwards. I made me a. If you load this, only those values will be changed, Forex flex ea acct4. Steve is very active in adding and coding new features and always replies very quickly when there a questions.

I see they have a binary tab on this website but no good recommended systems for binary options. Is anyone using Forex Flex EA on mt4 platform to trade using binary options? If so, what recommended strategy is working and what timeframe within a expiry timeframe? Any indicators that you are using? Any suggestions? Are people still having success with this?

Been on the Forex flex ea acct4 for a while, Forex flex ea acct4, curious to know how people are liking it, and if any updates have been released lately?

This is the best EA I have used that consistently makes money every week. Started in June with 5K and since made 2. Started with low risk at first and have been increasing it steadily. I have used halfgrid, Forex flex ea acct4, flexhybrid and default and all were profitable. I am currently experimenting with some of my own custom settings at the moment on my demo account.

I use 20 pairs with max charts 4 with the other settings set to default strategy settings. Forex flex ea acct4 sleep very well at night. What is the best number of bars in the SR indicator setting to be used on a Nano acct. Is it best to use it with any other indicator or is that too much restriction on a given pair? Is it best to use the SR indicator by itself? Hi everyone can you please help, what would be Forex flex ea acct4 best broker for this EA?


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Forex flex ea acct4


Oct 15,  · Forex Flex EA Review – The Most Advanced FX Expert Advisor. The Forex Flex EA uses a newly developed innovative technology involving “ virtual trades ”. Simply put, the expert advisor opens virtual trades in the background. The EA constantly monitors the FX market in order to find the perfect entry point. At this point the Forex Robot will open real trades.5/5. Jun 10,  · 3. Drag the Forex-Flex-EA from the Navigator window to the Strategy Tester view 4. Choose your desired symbol 5. Choose Model “Every tick” 6. Set period (flex is designed for M15) 7. Set Spread for your symbol according to the table in post #15 8. Check Optimization check-box 9. Click Expert Properties button (new window opens with 3 tabs) Reviews Forex Flex Ea Acct4 Download is best in online store. I will call in short word as Forex Flex Ea Acct4 Download For those who are looking for Forex Flex Ea Acct4 Download review. We've more info about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. I would really like recommend that you check the latest price before buying/10(K).