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Value of stock options calculator

Free and truly unique stock-options profit calculation tool. View a potential strategy's return on investment against future stock price AND over time. Your trade might look good at expiry, but what about next week? OPC maps out these effects of volatility and time to help eliminate the unknowns from high-return trading. Using the Black and Scholes option pricing model, this calculator generates theoretical values and option greeks for European call and put options. The idea with employee stock options is to give employees the ability (or the possibility) to purchase shares of the company's stock at a discounted price to market value. In theory, employee Author: Matthew Frankel, CFP.

Stock Option Calculator

As an employee benefit or incentive, many companies grant stock options to certain employees. Essentially, employee stock options give you the right to purchase a certain amount of stock at a pre-determined price, during a specific period of time. Here's how to estimate the potential value of your employee stock options as your company's stock price grows.

In a nutshell, employee stock options allow you to purchase a certain number of shares of the company's stock, at a pre-determined price, for a certain period of time. The price the option allows you to buy shares for is known as the exercise price, or strike price.

Generally, you have to wait a certain period of time before you can exercise the option, known as the vesting period. Options may vest over time -- for example, of a 1,share option grant, shares may vest after one year, another after the second year, Value of stock options calculator so on. The idea with employee stock options is to give employees the ability or the possibility to purchase shares of the company's stock at a discounted price to Value of stock options calculator value.

In theory, employee stock option awards are designed to not only encourage the employee to remain with the company through the end of the vesting period, but are also intended to be a motivational tool, as the employee will now directly benefit from the company's performance.

The future value of your employee stock options will depend on two factors: the performance of the underlying stock and the strike price of your options, Value of stock options calculator. With that in mind, here's a calculator that can help you determine the potential value of your stock options, Value of stock options calculator, based on hypothetical returns. As with any tool, it is only as accurate as the assumptions it makes and the data it has, and should not be relied on as a substitute for a financial advisor or a tax professional.

Of course, the actual value of your stock options depends on the actual performance of the stock during the time period prior to expiration. However, based on expected rates of return, this calculator can help you determine the potential value of your options at expiration.

The tax treatment of employee stock options depends on whether they're Value of stock options calculator as non-qualified stock options NSOs or incentive stock options ISOs.

With both types of options, the grant of the options is not a taxable event. The major difference is that with non-qualified stock options, taxation of the "bargain element" -- that is, the difference between the stock's market price and the exercise price -- begins at the time of exercise.

Any further gain can be taxed when the shares are eventually sold. On the other hand, with incentive stock options, taxation doesn't occur until the shares are sold. In either case, if the shares are held for less than 12 months, any gain is considered a short-term gain and is taxable as ordinary income, while shares held for longer than 12 months are taxable at more favorable long-term capital gains rates.

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Option Price Calculator


Value of stock options calculator


Calculate call option value and profit by subtracting the strike price plus premium from the market price. For example, say a call stock option has a strike price of $30/share with a $1 premium and you buy the option when the market price is also $ You invest $1/share to pay the premium. Your company-issued employee stock options may not be 'in-the-money' today but assuming an investment growth rate may be worth some money in the future. Use this calculator to help determine what your employee stock options may be worth assuming a steadily increasing company value. Options Calculator. Our popular Options Calculator provides fair values and Greeks of any option using previous trading day prices. Customize and modify your input parameters (option style, price of the underlying instrument, strike, expiration, implied volatility, interest rate and dividends data) or enter a stock or options symbol and the database will populate the fields for you.